05/07/2012 Tríptico de Yeguada Vega Yares

D. Francisco Javier García Romero, profesor y juez internacional del P.R.E. describe a nuestra ganaderia en el siguiente
tríptico informativo.


Triptico Yeguada Vega Yares


 Hemos inaugurado el Centro Ecuestre Vega Yares


Hemos vendido nuestro ejemplar Bailarina LII





Our Stud was founded in 1980 in the Palencia Mountain area, in northern Spain. Our equine facilities allow us to breed more than one hundred horses that we keep in the best conditions for their development and training. We have our own agricultural production to feed our horses with top quality fodder and grain.

In our Stud farm, we breed only the best Spanish Carthusian horses, direct descendants of the lineage Hierro del Bocado. The main virtues of our purebred horses are their excellent character and their ability to adapt to all types of riders, in addition to their racial and baroque beauty. The quality of the stallions, foals and mares of Vega Yares, both morphological and functional, explain the national and international success of the stud, which has numerous descendants in America, Europe, Asia and many studs in Spain. Our spanish horses are registered in the Spanish Stud Book.

Currently we have purebred Spanish horses for sale in a variety of ages and genders. We also offer our customers advice on all necessary arrangements to transport the horses to their destination. If you wish to visit our livestock, we can provide contact details of accommodations near the farm where we breed our Spanish horses.